A Guide to Wellington

New Zealand’s capital city is found on the south-west tip of North Island and is world renowned as a cool little place with a huge reputation. If you’re interested in food, the arts, and New Zealand’s customs and history, then the capital is the place to be. There are a number of attractions and sights, all set amongst the classic Kiwi backdrop of blue harbour waters and green rolling hills. Here are a few must see and do’s for when you visit Wellington…  

Admire the view from the Mount Victoria Lookout

For an incredible panorama of Wellington and the surrounding landscape, head up Mount Victoria to gaze out across the city and its harbour. The Lookout is accessible by car, but I would go as far as saying the view is spectacular enough to justify a walk up to the top, and I don't even like walking.     

Catch a ride on the iconic Wellington Cable Car

A Guide to Wellington

Despite being labelled somewhat cheesily as “Wellington’s most moving attraction”, don't let the tagline put you off what is a fantastic way to see some of the city’s highlights. Reluctantly I have to agree with the moving sentiment though; the Wellington Cable Car has been in operation for well over 100 years, so does provide a quaint, fitting memento to old Wellington, whilst taking you through some of the more modern sights.

Wander through the Botanical Gardens

It seems a little strange to suggest visiting Wellington’s botanical gardens to find some sanctuary, when the city itself is hardly bustling or unpleasant enough to be worth escaping. But the Botanical Gardens, if it is indeed possible (perhaps a philosophical debate for another time), provide a lovely escape within what is already a lovely escape- so that’s double the relaxation, right?

Explore Te Papa

A visit to New Zealand’s national museum is a must when in the capital. The collections within the bold, impressive structure overlooking the harbour vary from art and history to nature and the country’s Maori heritage. The museum is famous for its innovative and immersive visitor experience, and there are regularly free events and lectures held alongside the permanent exhibitions.

Take a Tour of Matiu Somes Island

A Guide to Wellington

Whilst in Wellington, it’s hard not to notice the picturesque Island sat in the centre of the harbour. As well as being a beacon of Maori heritage, having housed several settlements throughout history, Matiu Somes is now a popular conservation reserve with many rare bird species, including a small colony of blue penguins. Boats leave from the harbour daily, so be sure to visit!