1. Be friendly and helpful

First rule of Guide to Iceland is that you should be friendly and helpful to the people who contact you. All recommendations must be honest and to the benefit of travelers to Iceland. 

Always try to answer the travelers who contact you and provide them with the information that they need. If you do not know the answer please direct them to

2. Your free tours

Always should always write a blog-post about the tours that you get for free. Tour reviews should contain a minimum of 200 words. Your friends and family can also join you on free tours provided they also agree to review the tour afterwards.

3. Use blog for business

If you already run a tourist business you are allowed to use your profile to further the interests of your company and to promote it.

You agree not to offer your product or service for a higher price, on or through Guide to Iceland, than travelers can find it elsewhere cheaper. Please write your company name and what you do there in your help description above your blog.

4. Use links to make money

You can place your links anywhere on the internet but please read the terms and conditions of the pages you place your links on first and stay relevant to the topic of each page. 

5. Agree to Terms and Conditions

It is important that all users of Contact a Local agree to the Guiding Principals of Guide to Iceland and understand that by using Contact a Local they are also bound by the terms and conditions of Guide to Iceland. 

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